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Peyton is my baby…

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

My sons are now 5 and 2, and my 2 year-old, Peyton is my baby.  But what happens when he’s not anymore?  He will be 3 next month and he’s already showing the symptoms.

My Baby Peyton

My Baby Peyton

Symptom #1:  He wants to walk down the stairs by himself

Symptom #2:  He has asked me to cut all his “curlies” off, his beautiful big blond curls.  Just makes me cringe thinking about it.

Symptom #3:  He has started driving his brother’s Power Wheels all by himself around the culdesac.

Symptom #4:  He wants to drink out of a non-sippy cup (even though he spills it everywhere)

Symptom #5:  Now calls me mom, instead of momma.

Thank God he still wants to snuggle and get kisses, but I know that will eventually stop too, or he will soon get too big to sit in my lap.  Right now his little form fits perfectly in my lap and the crook of my arm as I shower him with kisses after I get home from work.

My favorite time of the day is walking through that door and hearing his sweet high-pitched voice, “Mom’s home!  Hi mom!” and he runs over with his blankie and duck-duck and motions for me to pick him up and carry him to the couch where we commence with the snuggling and kissing.  When that ends, I will be devastated.

So this is an open letter to my Peyton, my baby.  STOP GROWING!  STAY THIS AGE!  Listen to your mother!  Oh darn, who am I kidding?  I will love to see you grow and thrive and become a wonderful man someday, but do you really have to?  Love you baby!


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