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Welcome to the SmartMomma Blog

Hi everyone! I wanted to welcome you to the first post on our blog for SmartMomma. I am Heather, owner and founder of SmartMomma.com and the SmartMomma baby store and boutique in Raleigh, NC. Some background on me. I was born in Durham, NC and am an alumni of East Carolina University, where I met my husband, Bill (SmartMomma). We were married shortly after graduation, moved to Colorado to be temporary ski bums (we love to snow ski), then decided to settle down and have a family a few years later. Our first son, Dillon was born in July of 2003. My pregnancy had some issues, but was good for the most part. He ended up being a big boy, 22 inches long and 9 lbs, 11 oz. Peyton was born 3 years later in July of 2006, at 8 lbs, 9 oz and 20 inches long, he was my “little guy”.
Dillon and Baby Peyton 2007
Dillon & Baby Peyton 2007
mom and dillon
mom and baby peyton
I am the happy mom to two wonderful boys! And believe me when I tell you, they grow up too fast. Are you pregnant or new mom to a beautiful baby? Before you know it, he or she will be entering Kindergarten, so my best advice to you is to enjoy the stages of your life, because they pass on in a flash. Sure you may be dealing with colic or a biting phase or a child that just will not stay in bed, but even in a difficult phase, remember to savor the nice moments, the moments between parent and child are the sweetest of all.
Baby Peyton and Dillon 2008

I started SmartMomma to pass on what I have learned to all expectant and new moms and dads about pregnancy, parenthood, and all the surprises that come along with it, and I hope I have been successful with that. Now SmartMomma has a talented staff of people that are ready to assist you with your pregnancy and parenthood, by recommending products and resources that best fit your lifestyle with a baby gift registry for your needs as well, so welcome to SmartMomma! I hope that we can add something to your life.

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