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Beware of Bulky Travel Systems

By, Heather

Many moms come into our store knowing what they want for easy transport of their new baby…the travel

Typical Big Box Travel System

Typical Big Box Travel System

system.  A travel system is a stroller that comes with the infant car seat.  It is usually made so that the car seat simply clicks into the stroller very easily.  This makes life easier for the parent, as they can keep their sleeping infant snoozing away in their car seat.

A common mistake we see is mom choosing a bulky “big box store” travel system that she ends up hating after six months.  We usually see this mom coming to our store to purchase a lighter stroller when baby is about 6 - 9 months old in frustration.

When a pregnant mom-to-be comes into our store, we try to educate her about the travel system.  I show her one in the store, and then I ask her what she is planning on using the stroller for.  Most parents-to-be that come into our store with one idea usually leave with a completely different mindset, as we show them their options.  For example, did you know that almost any stroller nowadays can be made into a travel system?  I usually ask the mom to pick her stroller first, because the stroller is what she will be using for four years, not the travel system.  A travel system is usually only used for the first six to nine months.  At that point, baby is too heavy to carry around in the infant car seat, and is not sleeping as much, preferring to sit right into the stroller.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

So my advice to a new parent would be to play around with the strollers in your local store.  Decide what you need for your lifestyle.  Maybe you want something lightweight and easy to fold that doesn’t take up a lot of room in your trunk.  Maybe you are a runner and would prefer a stroller you can run with.  Maybe you would prefer a stroller with a bassinet.  Maybe you want to be able to face your baby in the stroller.  Or maybe you are happy with the “big box” travel system.  You really never know until you push them all around and get some in-store education on the strollers.  Remember, you are going to be optimally using this for four years, sometimes every day.  Choose wisely!

Not sure what stroller to choose?  Come into SmartMomma and let us help you.  That’s what we are here for.  Happy strolling!

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