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Introducing Our Very Own LLL Leader…Daphne!

Hi all.  I wanted to introduce you to Daphne Flowers, a SmartMomma regular (she leads the LLL Tuesday meetings) and a recent addition to our regular staff as well.  She is going to be joining me in the social media world, so expect to hear a lot from her on this blog and on Facebook!  Daphne…take it away!

If you were asked to tell your story of motherhood, what would you share? No matter where we are in our

Smart Momma Daphne and baby daughter and son.

Smart Momma Daphne and baby daughter and son.

journey, from thinking about conceiving or adopting to the first day of kindergarten and beyond, we all have our experiences of mothering to share with others. In turn, we as mothers frequently feel a sense of satisfaction when we hear a piece of another mother’s story that resonates with our own joys, failures, successes, and moments where we struggle to survive.

Smart Momma Daphne and son

Smart Momma Daphne and son - Photograph taken by Crickett Photography

As a fellow mother creating my own story, I am going to be sharing many of my own mothering moments with you. My name is Daphne Flowers, and for the past year I have been leading weekly La Leche League meetings at SmartMomma. Now that I have recently begun working in the store, I look forward to helping women with breastfeeding concerns more frequently throughout the week! My six-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter keep me entertained and busy. Certainly the mothers who have connected with me throughout my children’s lives have helped each day feel more manageable!

By posting on this blog regularly, I hope to connect with all of you through our common journey of motherhood. While my most comfortable area of knowledge is in breastfeeding, I plan to write about many more topics including trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, post-partum recovery, creating a post-partum support system, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, newborn care, sleep for mom and baby, entertaining baby, child development, toddlers, food and nutrition, baby-wearing, diapering, mothering, and decorating the nursery.

Daphne patiently waits on her toddler's tantrum.  LOL!

Daphne patiently waits on her toddler's tantrum. LOL!

Though I continuously have a growing list of ideas for the blog, I am also interested in knowing what would catch your interest. Feel free to e-mail at daphne@smartmomma.com to express what topics would be helpful for you!

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